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fastwillie 696969
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turbo 400 shifter linkage

turbo 400 ,where the shifter connects to the tranny on the side ,seams to be leaking heavy fluid from the detent arm ,is there a small seal in that case if so how do you take it out ,its about size of a nickle ,i had this tranny taken apart and had the shop add the trans brake ,they said they resealed the front pump but doesnt remember if the shifter seal was replace or not ,it has been about 6mo. since he did the job,this the first time firing up the engine since putting the tranny in .i lost a few qts of maxshift fluid .i thought it was the new lokar dipstick but its not from there .so added more tranny fluid and it pours out as fast as it goes in .
is it fast ? it has a lighting bolt donut?

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Marv D
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Re: turbo 400 shifter linkage

Trans pan has to come off. As I remember the 400 has a o-ring on the shift-shaft AND a external seal. O-ring does the oil retention, seal is more to keep dirt out.

But that's from an old foggy memory. One thing for sure is the pan has to come off, and the linkage disassembeled from the inside to prelace the seal.
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Re: turbo 400 shifter linkage

Just did mine a couple months ago. Marv's right, pan has to come down, remove the shift shaft, I used a pick and screwdriver to pry / work the seal out. Put the new one in (mine went in rather far into the case before it seated) I don't recall mine having an o-ring but it has stopped leaking anyway. Oh important note: remember to put the detent plate back on the end of the shift shaft BEFORE you put the pan on, reconnect the linkage and fill it with fluid! If you don't it will not go into gear when you start it. Don't ask how I know this!

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