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Tail light fuel filler door?

I want to put a tank in the spare tire area. I don't want to put the filler in the bed. I searched quite a bit here and didn't turn up any pics or info on anyone doing a fuel filler door in a tail light of a 60-66 SWB truck. I did see the pics in hte 67-72 board, but those tail lights are quite a bit different. So, anyone pulled this off? Any advice before I try this?
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Re: Tail light fuel filler door?

you should read the whole thread its a good one, but its a burb but i like the gas/tail light idea......on page 2
Timmy D.

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Northern lights
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Re: Tail light fuel filler door?

My '64 short fleet had the filler behind the tail light when I got it. The light wasn't hinged but rather, it had thumb screws that you removed and just pulled the light assembly out. It could be that mine was just poorly plumbed but, with the plumbing going down the post, then having to go horizontal between the bed and frame to get to the tank, you had to spoon feed the fuel in. It was a HORRIBLE setup. I removed the whole thing and put the tank back behind the seat where it belongs.
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Re: Tail light fuel filler door?

seems a fray of electrical wires hanging at the fuel inlet might not be in the best interest of the driver. I'm just sayin. The factory setups had the wiring well separated from the filler pipe. I'd be cautious and make sure there is no conflict, i.e route wiring carefully and it would be a really slick setup.
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Re: Tail light fuel filler door?

i just finished my 63 with the filler neck hidden in the drivers tail light i took a filler neck out of a cougar(because it's smaller diameter and takes a smaller cap) & got a gas door off a chevy I removed the outer skin and attached the taillight to it then fabbed the rest of the inner fender under the light to close it up try to post pictures later i haven't had any trouble putting gas in it will take it as fast as i can pump it
click on seales restoration for some pictures

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Re: Tail light fuel filler door?

Mater, that's exactly what I want to do to my 60 Apache..
Ken B
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