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Sway bar choices

Can anyone recommend a front sway bar for a 1965 C10. I have seen alot of aftermarket brands, which ones fit the best w/o having to modify anything?
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Wrenchbender Ret
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Re: Sway bar choices

I get them for 55-59 trucks from CCP. They are good vquality & fit good.
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Re: Sway bar choices

I got my Sway Bar from the local Self Serve wrecking yard. A front sway bar from a 67 - 87 Chevy Truck is a direct bolt in. I pulled mine from a 77 One Ton truck. It's 1-1/4" in diameter and set me back a whopping $20.30 A little time with a wire brush and rattle can of Satin Black spray paint and you're good to go.

Here's a fantastic link that should answer all your questions:
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Re: Sway bar choices

if it was at a pull your own part,i would like to know how you removed at the yard/ thanks
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Re: Sway bar choices

Originally Posted by hd74 View Post
if it was at a pull your own part,i would like to know how you removed at the yard/ thanks
8 3/8's bolts and nuts......done!

I used one off a 67-72. Got new bushings from Auto zone; painted gold!!
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Re: Sway bar choices

I got mine form a pull a part off of a square body. You should grab the brackets while you're at it. IDK why but the truck I got mine off of had bolts instead of rivets so it was easy. Luckily it was the 1st truck I looked at too. IDK if they're all like that or not.

BTW if you're lowered you don't need those brackets. Just get new bushings, mount to the A Arms first, then hold it up to the frame and figure out if you need to drill 1 or two holes for the frame mounts. We did this on my buddy's squarebody and it worked great.
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Re: Sway bar choices

I originally was going to use the 1/2 ton swaybar on the 86 front I'm bolting under the 66. Then after reading on here. I found a 1 ton bar off an 84. Then goin to do the factory iroc rear bar
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Re: Sway bar choices

sway bar options for 1960-1966 trucks

as Wrenchbender Ret. mentioned, CPP sells 'em.

Early Classic Enterprises also sells the sway bar, the brackets, bolts and bushings... all together or separately.


update/edit :

Make it handle : August 2010 /+1600 posts

all years, all sorts of trucks... lots of golden information in this one.

This is the thread scottofksu mentions below.

Be sure to explore the 60-66 FAQ Index for more links to threads and articles about sway bars. If this link disappears/changes, the 60-66 faq is maintained as a sticky at the top of the 60-66 message board forum.
Find answers for your 1960-1966 Chevrolet Truck Questions.

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Re: Sway bar choices

Great thread!! Subscribed.
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Re: Sway bar choices

You should check out the "Make it Handle" thread In the suspension area. It will blow your mind... Reason I mention it is that the optimal sway bar size is discussed somewhere in the thread as is the best types of bars to consider.
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