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1982 6.2 Diesel Manual Glow Plug Conversion

So I'm probably just not searching right but for some damn reason I can not figure out where to find a wiring diagram of some sort to do this to my truck. Any help would be greatly appreciated big time!!! TIA
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Re: 1982 6.2 Diesel Manual Glow Plug Conversion

What year of truck are you working on. 82-83 is different than 84 on up. The earlier system is really easy to do.

Go to, IIRC they have an excellent write up on that.
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Re: 1982 6.2 Diesel Manual Glow Plug Conversion

It's an '82 SWB standard cab. Okay, I'll look them up and see. THANKS
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Re: 1982 6.2 Diesel Manual Glow Plug Conversion

The 6.2 forums at have a good write up in there some where.

The way the original system works, it's a timer relay with an adjustable rheostat that senses engine temperature and adjusts glow time based on that. Colder, longer glow. Two problems, the self lmiting glows heat up a little slower and so need more on time, and the relays fail a lot, particularly the round first design. On mine, the relay always clicked, but glows did not always seem to work. I wanted to upgrade the glows anyway, and the non-swelling ones needed more glow time, so off I went.

You will need a Ferd starter solenoid, about $16. A momentary switch (push button or toggle, you choice), $5-15. Some 12-16 guage wire. Some battery cable (more on that in a minute). And most importantly a set of self-limiting glow plugs, mine are AC 60G's, about $80 delivered from that big auction site.

First, replace the glows. Clean, use some PB blaster, and hopefully they'll come out. They're metric, by the way, and a3/8" deep well works.

Now figure out where to mount the solenoid. On my 87, I used the rear leeft intake manifold studs, tossing the EFE/EGR solenoids and brackets on the way by (since I replaced the intake with a non-EGR one). I had to file one of the holes in the mounting base slightly to get it over the studs. Just remeber the solenoid base plate MUST have a good ground!

Now run a wire from the solenoid terminal to the switch, and a hot wire (fused of course) to the switch. In my case, I used a hot in run connection in the fuse block, mounted the switch in one of the holes on the bottom of the dash where it's easy to reach but not real obvious. I ran the wire to the solenoid out thru an existing grommet next to the steering column.

Many people remove the original relay. I chose to leave mine in and jumper around it, using it as a terminal block. So from the hot terminal on the old solenoid, run a feed to the HOT side of the new solenoid, then run the new solenoid's out to the glow plug side of the original. So now the solenoids are in parallel. I used some 4 guage lawn mower battery cable (a little overkill but these things draw a LOT of current, and I had it laying around...), with 4 crimp-on ends that fit the two solenoids. When you route these be sure they don't rub on anything (700R4 TV linkage and air cleaner were my issues).

When I turn the key on the original solenoid clicks, I reach down and hit the momentary switch. After some period of time the original clicks off, I hold the switch for another 10 seconds, release it and crank. The beast always fires up. IF the soenoid doesn't click I just count, 25 secs below freezing, 15 seconds for summer days or fully warm engine, and the rest im between. By holding the switch while the relay is on I don't have to worry about whethere it is functioning, I'm just using it as a crude timer. Sometimes it's doesen't click in and then I count my own time. The nice thing is the after start glow function still sems to work.

Hope that helps.
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Re: 1982 6.2 Diesel Manual Glow Plug Conversion

One thing you have to remember when attempting to do this mod is that the relay systems for the glow plugs are different from 82-83 and 84+. GM did this due to the early relays failing, so it could be advantageous to upgrade to a more reliable 84+ 6.2 system while you are poking around there. If you prefer to keep to your 82 system here is a mini write up on an 82:
And the original thread (he confirmed it was the white wire later):
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I still choke it manually.
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Re: 1982 6.2 Diesel Manual Glow Plug Conversion

When I wired mine manually (I had an even earlier different system than the 82-83) I ran my ground wire from the solenoid to my momentary switch and used that as my control instead of the power wire. That way I could leave all the power wires under the hood and out of the cab. Just my thoughts. Also, because I left the original controller in place, my don't start /glow plug lights function off of the timer as original, the only difference is that I have to hold a button down for however long the light is on. Works like a charm.
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Re: 1982 6.2 Diesel Manual Glow Plug Conversion

I did mine the same way as Corts60 on my 84 k20

On my 82 k30 I am just going to use a ferd type solenoid and a push button switch.
Glow for 10 seconds or so, I would look into getting self limiting glows if you don't already have them.
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Re: 1982 6.2 Diesel Manual Glow Plug Conversion

Man, thanks a ton guys!!!
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