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lkt1954 07-20-2021 10:28 PM

Shout Out To POL
I want to take a minute and give a BIG SHOUT out to Mark at Performance Online.

I ordered a large parts order form them in early June and am still waiting a few of the items to complete that order (totally understandable the world is on backorder).

I called yesterday to order some more parts and dealt with Mark. I asked him if on the rear coilover conversion is all the parts were in stock- he said they had the brackets, but not the coilovers. Mark went on to say he would call the supplier and get a date POL would have them. Also I had him check on my backorder items, including rear rotors that I had not received (he said the system showed the rotors had shipped) to which I told him I didn't have them. Mark said he would check on everything and call me back.

True to his word he called late in the day yesterday to update me on the parts on back order and that the rotors had shipped. I told him I didn't have them. He asked me to hold for a minute, after about 5 minutes he was back on the line to inform me that he had went to shipping and when they verified the weight of the box the rotors were shipped in, it turns out they weren't shipped. Mark went on to say they were shipping tomorrow. He informed he would call me in the morning with information on the coilovers and he did as he said and called this morning with a time frame for the coilovers and I ordered the conversion kit. As a final note to his good customer service, I mentioned that the instruction sheets with several items were crappy and hadr to read (bad copy of a bad copy). Well he called again this afternoon to inform me that he had just emailed good copies of the instruction sheets and suggested that shipping check what the instructions for quality.

I can't say enough about his customer service and with that kind of service POL will get more of my business.

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