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Already Gone 01-14-2021 04:27 AM

McGaughys Lowering Parts
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After 15 or so years of trying to decide whether or not to want to I called Summit yesterday and ordered 2 1/2 lowered front spindes with a 4 inch rear dropped spring and trac bar etc. for my truck. Has anyone here used McGaughys stuff for lowering and am looking for real world comments. Bought all new front end parts last year so thought well the front end is going to be torn apart for the new tie rods, ball joints etc so though if I'm ever going to lower the truck now would be the time. Some of you may remember I did a poll last year, link below, on whether to use the 15 inch rallys or the 17 inch Torque Thrusts and have decided as I had at the end of my Poll Thread to use the 15 inch rallys with 255/70 15 tires. Now to decide to redo the rallys in the original argent color or go with the darker gray like the pictured one.

Minkota 01-14-2021 07:47 AM

Re: McGaughys Lowering Parts
I have McGaughys Front & Rear Springs, & Spindles on my truck. I did not have any issues during installation back in 2016, and after 4 years of driving the truck I have not had any issues yet.

72afr 01-14-2021 09:48 AM

Re: McGaughys Lowering Parts
I have McGaughy's front 2.5 spindles and rear 3" springs on mine. Also running 15" ralleys. The only issue I can recall was needing to grind a bit on the lower A arm for clearance. I can't recall now what was impacting, but have had no issues since.

SCOTI 01-14-2021 06:04 PM

Re: McGaughys Lowering Parts
It's common for some possible trimming on the lower a-arm 'gutters' when using drop spindles. Usually, a minor buzz w/a 60grit flap disc on an angle grinder will get the job done. You want to make sure there's enough gap so the wheel lip & wheel weights clear w/o issue. If you need to do this, just don't cut it w/a sharp/90 cut. Buzz away w/the flap disc as needed keeping the edges broad vs. sharp.

It's a toss of the coin if it needs to be done when using stock wheels & more common w/aftermarket wheels have increased back-spacing.

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