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K25alive 07-13-2021 05:29 PM

454+headers+A/C brackets?
I'm going to put headers on my '77 454 that is currently at the engine builder shop. It will get a Edelbrock intake too. It just dawned on me, can I keep my existing OEM A/C compressor and brackets or is there an aftermarket set I need to get? The truck is a '77 C10 step w/factory 454. The A/C works great, I'd like to keep it. Anyone gone through this with a BBC?

Southcity 07-13-2021 06:01 PM

Re: 454+headers+A/C brackets?
Not sure if your OE AC brackets will work but if it's helpful, I am running a 454 (Gen VI 7.4L)

Headers = Sanderson ceramic 3/4 length BBC headers for 67-87 Truck, patented leak-free flange design. I'm very satisfied with these headers. (

AC brackets = Because I am running an aftermarket AC system from Old Air, I am using their AC/Alternator brackets. Depending if it's long or short water pump

Ziegelsteinfaust 07-13-2021 06:21 PM

Re: 454+headers+A/C brackets?
I have used all thread couplers, or 1/2 gas pipe for nipples to space out the bracket for power steering. Then ran the factory bolt back through the spacer.

kwmech 07-13-2021 07:14 PM

Re: 454+headers+A/C brackets?
My question would be---are headers really needed? I get a pretty good flow out of my cast irons into a single 3'' semi built 454 nothing radical, 30 over flat tops 9-1 compression 268 cam. engine screams

Ziegelsteinfaust 07-13-2021 10:46 PM

Re: 454+headers+A/C brackets?
No, but I would look for the best flowing manifolds you can get.

Look up castheads on YouTube. He builds nascar Saturday night special engines. From what I see he specializes in small blocks, and mostly chevy. Either way you can pick up a few ideas to increase flow.

Below 3000rpm probably not much change, but after with that cam you will feel a difference.

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