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Re: Restoring Rusty

not funny !!!

this one sprung a pin hole leak right above the water line by the inlet on the driver side, I could hear it hissing under pressure when I tried to pump it up with a test pump (a total must have tool) but could not see any moisture coming out nor could I build up any PSI, even tried the Windex look for bubbles trick, so I got mad, yanked it out and tested it in my organic hydro radiator testing facility - and we saw tiny little bubbles, just enough to cause a small leak that would cause me to overheat once every two weeks or so (most of the time in the In N Out drive through, ha ha)

3rd brand new radiator in six years !

November 3rd 2016 installed Northern aluminum one off of AMAZON for $271, post #4983

December 16th, 2017 (only one year later) bought a Chinese plastic one called Rad Cool for $114 from a local mom and pop radiator shop, post #5333

and now this one from NAPA for $125
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