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Cool LB Chevy ground up restoration

Hi, to all, I have been scooping out this forum for quit some time, trying to get ideas for my 1971 Chevy C-10 LWB, 350 with three speed Saginaw trans and 4:10 rear diff gear. I brought this truck about 14 years ago and had been using it for a daily driver up till about 6 yrs ago. since that time I have been back and forth in my head trying to figure out what to do with this truck. Having never restored a vehicle at any stage of the process, I am quite intimidated by it. also I lack a garage and some of the major tools to really get this thing rolling. as of about 10 days ago it became a rolling chassis, all the body panels are removed and about to remove front/rear suspension to have bare chassis sand blasted and powder coated for around $400. I have been thinking of doing an original equipment restoration but not really up to a show truck level. It has the same typical problem areas that most of the build forums show like bad rockers, bad cab corners, bad floorboards around kick panel area. a lot of surface rust in the cab roof, hood, doors and top of bed. any inputs will be appreciated, along with links to help along with sheet metal and any other post that will help my ideas come together.
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