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Re: CHOMPY Hard At Work

Originally Posted by VWNate1 View Post
It's hard to imagine any junkyard crushing un damaged rust free cabs but it's a daily event .

I needed a cab for my 1969 C/10 and my favorite junkyard said "begins at $700 and goes up " ~ instead I bought a near perfect cab with title for $350 and the junkyard got $35 in scrap value.....

Some are kinda stupid ~ when I ran a junkyard I never had much inventory because I SOLD EVERYTHING CHEAPLY ~ DUH .
Not sure how much truth there is to this as I am not a conspiracy type person. I was told the state (CA) pays the wrecking yards to crush cars over 10 years old more than they would get for parting out. Meaning they do not want them on the road. Also could be the reason the scrap parts cost more than replacements here.
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