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Re: C3500 is having a change of heart!

Originally Posted by hatzie View Post
I can't believe a T400 3500 is over 2 tons actual curb weight. The 3/4 ton 4x4 T400 Suburban is a little under 4,600lbs and those are really heavy machines.

Have you had one on the scales?

The T800 trucks are heavier than the T400's. My GMT800 K2500HD published curb weight is over 5,500lbs. The truck stop scales said it's just a hair under 2 tons without my fat butt in the drivers seat. That's a 1,500 lb discrepancy.
My 99 K2500 regular cab with a empty ez-dumper in the back was 6200lbs on the scales at the scrap yard.
Ez-dumper says their 8 footer weighs 787 lbs, so take that off the 6200 and 5400 lbs sounds about right.
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Originally Posted by smackzed View Post
I put a chevrolet tailgate on my last truck and it started acting like a me, need me, want me pay attention to me. Took it off and put the GMC back on (fixed the latch) and it went back to being the same old dirty bastard it used to be
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