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Control Arm Bushings - How tight should these be?

I'm installing new top and bottom control arm bushings and am finding inconsistencies between the how far the bushing nuts screw in and much resistance they have on the controls arm to move up and down.

This is for a '72 C10. The first picture is taken from the manual. Note that the manual shows two specifications for the lower control arm nuts. For my installation I used the lower number, 160 ft. lbs.

The other pictures show how one of the lower control arm nuts is still pretty far out from the edge of the control arm despite being torqued to 160. The other three nuts seem to screw down to the surface of the control arm before reaching their recommended torque.

Is this typical that one nut should stick out farther than the other or can this be corrected?

How freely should the control arms pivot up and down on the shaft when torqued to the recommend setting?

Should I have lubed these before torquing them down? The manual didn't state anything about doing that before installation.

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