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Interior Plastic Repair

I just wanted to share a product that really works. My console for my suburban had numerous cracks. Epoxy wouldn't stick. Found a product called Plasticfix. First I cleaned and cleaned the complete console. Using a dremel, I stop drilled the cracks and vee'd the cracks. I cleaned and cleaned again. I then used the powder in the kit filled the cracks and dripped the activator on the powder. Allowed it to cure and then sanded down. Cleaned and cleaned again. Sprayed adhesion promoter (S.E.M) and then sprayed color. After two coats dried, I sprayed a wet coat and used a paper towel to simulate the console texture. I've heated it up to 120 degrees and worked it and it didn't crack or chip. Got a couple of pics. Let me know if anyone is interested in more details. It took about 3 hrs over 3 days to complete. It was really easy. Later, Tom
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