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Re: Interior Plastic Repair

I just painted my door panels. First I cleaned them with Prep Solvent. This removes grease and way. If someone put armor all on the panels you will have trouble. Don't ever use it. Next I scrubbed them with comet. Rinsed that off. Then I cleaned them with TPC. You can get it at a hardware store. Then I cleaned them with Isopropyl Alcohol. Then I sprayed them with a light coat of Klean Strip- BullDog adhesion promoter. Let it flash dry for about 5 to 10 minutes. Do this a second time. Then I sprayed them with SEM gloss black vinyl paint. Let dry 10 minutes spray again. I don't know how well the paint will stick. I just did what the paint store told me to do. I also painted the arm rest.
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