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Re: What firewall and floor do I use?

Originally Posted by Oklahoma_k5 View Post
I have a 52 that I am in the early stages of putting a truck 5.3 4l60 in. Well at least that's the motor I'm planning on. I haven't bought a motor or trans yet.
Some builds have a stock firewall others have a recessed firewall. Thinking about fan clearance, height of engine for oil pan clearance. Trying to figure out if I should put in a recessed firewall too?
Everyone’s build is different. Get your motor/trans/motor mounts/etc and “put” them in your truck and get all your clearances figured out. Personally with all the work your getting into (which is actually fun in the end) a nice new firewall, floor, trans tunnel all makes the job so much nicer.
You are asking all the right questions, planning your build correctly; you are on the right track. But until that motor and trans are mounted, you’re asking questions that only you will be able to truly answer in the end.
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