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Re: 88 chevy 4 wheel drive fix it or junk it?

Originally Posted by Old Truck Man View Post
Ok the tags on my 82 chevy expired the 5-30 -21. a month or so later my wife transferred the insurance from it to a little 83 dodge 4 cyl. I got a letter from the state informing me if I go to register that truck I will have to pay a $100 penalty plus $3 for every 10 days that it hasnt been licensed and insured. We have 4 vehicles licensed and insured for two drivers. I spent more on tags and insurance for that 82 than I spent on gas the last year it was licensed.
Well at least tags in AR arent' much (for now anyway).

We have a bunch of older vehicles. Tags, insurance, and property taxes cost more than we spent on fuel for most of them in any given year.

So if you were to do a frame off restoration on a vehicle they would now expect you to have it tagged and insured during that time?

Government has gone nuts. Full on freaking nuts.
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