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Build a V-8 S-10 in a week

I'm trying to help a good friend of mine sell his truck. As you can see the poor little truck got wrecked. My friend is a 70 year old Army vet who unfortunately broke his back in the accident. I rescued the truck from the wrecker service and brought it home. The truck was a solid runner with a World Product headed 388" small block. 700R4 transmission and a 3.70 geared 9" rear with disc brakes. It had working air and everything. We have turned the motor over by hand and everthing turns freely. We were going to attempt to start it but the frame killed the starter. The motor mounts are rubber so the absorbed the hit and nothing appears to be bent. The passenger side header may be messed up but everything else seems to have survived pretty well. Take a look at the pics and feel free to PM me with any questions. We are asking $3500 for it with the title.[IMG][/IMG]
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