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Re: Loose shaft in column

Originally Posted by LockDoc View Post
Loosen the clamp bolt just above the intermediate shaft flex joint and put some upward pressure on the upper part of the intermediate shaft flex joint while someone holds down on the steering wheel to get the preload on the bearing retainer spring, then tighten the clamp while both are holding them. The preload distance depends on the year of your truck. The preload distance is measured between the large washer and the bottom of the bearing where the spring sits. On a '67 the distance is 7/8". I think the others are listed in the chassis service manuals.

Lock I just read a post you made a few years back explaining that (along with this one), went out and Iíll be. It worked perfect! Took about 2 mins and that included getting out the wrench and putting it away! Thanks for the info.
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