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Re: Brake Light/Rear Turn Signal Issue

Originally Posted by dz1087 View Post
Just got done testing the tail light assemblies. Both have good ground, verified with multimeter with positive probe in the sockets and negative probe touching the housing.

Leaves me thinking is the switch, unless you fellers can think of anything else.
That test only verifies good contact between the socket and housing.. You also need good grounding contact between the housing and bed, between the bed and frame, and lastly, between frame and negative battery post.. A quick method to test for loss of ground is to run a long jumper directly from the negative battery post and the bulb socket.. Don't depend on twisting the wires to make contact.. Use those larger alligator clips found on small battery charger/tenders.. Hook up the jumper and try those lights again.. If they work as they should, you definitely have a grounding issue..
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