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Re: Brake Parts

I want to thank everyone here for their help with this. The brake struts and springs that "TexasLS1" mentioned seem to be a great fit.

Now for another question...

My cables showed up today from LMC. They look like decent quality, but I guess time will tell. Anyway, I noticed that they are VERY loose where they pop in through the back of the brake backing plate. Is there supposed to be some sort of a washer or bushing to take up the slack? The little "barbs" that pop out do hold the cable in the hole, but it's as if the hole was drilled way too big (or I possibly have the wrong cables?) as that end of the sheath can be wiggled around enough that you could probably pull it out if you wrestled with it enough.

Here are some pics with the cable popped through the backing plate. I'm guessing something here is wrong, if anyone has any insight, that would be great!

Inside the brake set up:

Back side of backing plate: (Here you can see the daylight between the cable and the hole in the backing plate)

Thanks again for all of the help. I was able to figure out which parking brake arms were needed by a quick forum search. This place is great!
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