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Re: Looking to replace our baby

Originally Posted by Gotenntitans View Post
Did you catch the name of the dealership? I will check it out. Thanks.
I think this was it:

Standard Auto Sales
1503 Broadwater, Billings MT 59102

My wife said "why don't you stop and look at it?" but I don't want another extended cab as that is what I'm trying to get rid of. Besides I think this one is just a 1500 and most likely an automatic too based on it looked pretty fancy. I had just been saying to her on the way to town that there seems to me to be a lot more ~1990's Chevy/GMC pickups still being driven around than the 1990's Ford pickups, and - "there's one there for sale on that lot!"

BTW, you wouldn't want mine because it's pretty darn rough I'm looking for a 3/4 or 1 ton SRW 4x4 regular cab manual transmission to replace it as my firewood and trash hauling pickup.

Well, duh! I was wrong it is a K2500 and a manual - it says a "5 speed" but from the picture it must be an SM465!

Well, damn I wish it was a regular cab
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