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Re: Tot Rod: Mid-MO Style

As most already know, when I go out to do something it's never a normal process and the same went for this little project. Since I would like to use the pedal car as a pedal car in the future, I didn't want to modify the original suspension pieces, nor did I want to hack up such a clean original cruiser. kyull67 was nice enough to take a day out of his busy schedule and allow us to come down to show off his welding skills. And, he even let me take a stab at welding, but fortunatley we didn't get any shots of those welds.

We started off building the main square piece and then built the front and rear from that point. The axles are all stationary and the car will be a "stroller" with eventually adding a push bar to the rear of the car.

So, here are a few shots of the frame work:

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