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Re: Tshirts and misc for the board, now For Sale!

What I did this last time was click the "Merchandise" link at the top of the page to get directly to "our" merchandise. Is that what you did and nothing was in stock? And you tried other styles and/or colors? BTW, I was shopping for large size.

I have bought non-site related t-shirts from Cafe Express as recent as last summer and the quality was fine. They don't make the t-shirts, the quality would be about the manufacturer. Mine were made by Hanes, as good as it gets.

I guess I was shopping for site t-shirts this year and that's when they started e-mailing offers, because I went for the discount offer before knowing what I wanted didn't exist. I had gone directly to Cafe Express, not from this site, and found no listing for our stuff.

I'm wondering if the site has merch on Cafe Express at all any more. I understand maybe demand got so low the whole thing might have been canned. That's my own hunch. If it's true, maybe that merchandise link should be disabled. This is looking like a good topic for a site feedback thread. IF the cafe Express thing is now defunct, I bet there are members here willing to produce "site approved" t-shirts to offer members. They say so called social media is taking over forums, which is also social media BTW, and there are those such as myself who are doing what we can to keep the much better forum thing alive. I'd think promotion through t-shirts worn by members at national events would be a good way to keep things as live and kicking as ever! That is why I went shopping for one of our t-shirts... after never buying one before. Carlisle Trucks is next week and I was hoping to fly our flag
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