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Re: Thanks Joe, I didn't have anything better to do.

Originally Posted by Dr Jekyll View Post
It's supposed to be fun for me and when I get stressed out it defeats the purpose. Most the time I have to research how do things. My wife asks "How do you know how to do this?" and I reply "What makes you think I know what I'm doing." Admitting that I don't know keeps me open to learning and thats partially what this project is about.
I hear ya loud and clear. I'd bet for every hour of actual hands on work time on my truck, there was 3 hours of "research". I've learned many times that there are better ways to do the job than the way I was planning to do it. I've had occasions when I got a job done, then came here to see how others handled the same task. A time or two I went back and "re-fixed" it because I found a better solution after the fact.

I've come to believe the saying more and more... "its about the journey, not the destination"

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