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Re: Mongos 81 c30

Originally Posted by mongocanfly View Post
thanks coveboy!!....for comparison with the 350/sm465 I got around 5mpgs while towing and 9-10mpgs unloaded.....with the lq9/nv4500 I get around 10mpgs towing and 16+ unloaded....all with 4.10 gears...
a driveway paint job was a nobrainer for me...a bodyshop quoted me 7k...just to paint the cab....I grin every time I hear a rock fly up and hit metal..thinking how my 300 or so dollar paint job looks
I envy that 10/16 mpg haha, my DD only gets about 12 unloaded and it's killin me (Toyota Land Cruiser...AWD v8 puts a hurting on the wallet). I bet that 6.0 is great in that beast, though.
And daggum $7k?! With that you could just build an entire additional truck!
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