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Has anybody seen this type of locking hubs?

Hello everyone! I was at the wreckingyard by my house and I found a set of these hubs... They are 19 spline and will fit my Dana 44. They are the external type. They are 1/4 turn, and they can engage/disengage either clockwise or counterclockwise. The direction you turn them does not matter, they work either way. Thanks in advance for any replies! I want to put these on my truck, but before I do I want to know if there is anybody that sells replacement parts for them, or if I should just rebuild my Mile Marker hubs and put new wave springs in them



My first truck!! 1976 Chevy 3/4 ton Camper Special and a 1985 GMC body. Has a 350, 4 BBL Edelbrock, with a Turbo 350, and NP205 T-case.

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