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Re: Hard tonneau cover for Blazer?

GAYLORDS LIDS has IN STOCK lids for the P/U's of our years !!! THEY HAVE A OPTION CALLED:"TOOL BOX LID" where they shorten the lid to YOUR specs and then REINFORCE IT for the mounting brackets. All you have to do is get them measurements for how much you want them to shorten it. You decide whether you want it to go all the way to the seat backs or whatever. I left about ten inches so that I can install a mini-soft-top for those times when I encounter rain, I had them SAVE the section they cut-off for a custom filler piece that fills that space and "surrounds" the seat-backs. The custom made lid comes unpainted and I believe IT COSTS ABOUT $1200-1500. YOU have choices to make about the HINGES you want to use. Their X-2000 hinge is the best , but, it requires you to mount it to the bed=side rails which means modifying your decorative side trim panels. I chose the old style QR hinges and mounted the to a fabricated "bulk-head" which I made from "load-bars".
When I reinstall the full-size hardtop in the winter there is no noticable trace of modifications to my sidepanels. I used to be a retailer for these GAYLORD LIDS a few years back and ordered directly from them. IF you want to go this route and can't find a dealer to work with you, I MIGHT still be able to order one for you guys and have it shipped directly to you from Gaylords. I will try to attach some pics , but I know I have limited pics of just the lid.
Hope this helps,
Blazester Dave
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