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Re: Restoring OEM Seatbelts

Restored these for a forum member. He had a left side retractor that needed replaced. He did get a set from someone, hoping for a useable left retractor. Sadly they were in worse shape than his own. I went thru my stash, and was able to find a retractor that was useable. So with that, I was able to put together a set to restore. He also needed new upper anchor caps, since they were MIA. Belts were throughly cleaned & dyed. Retractor mechanisms were cleaned and lubed for better functionality. The buckles looked like a dog had chewed on them, so there wasn’t much I could do about the teeth marks, since they were plastic buckles. But they did get new emblems, since the others were coming off.
These are 79-80 CarmineRed. Here are the Before pics
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