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Re: CHOMPY Hard At Work

Originally Posted by VWNate1 View Post
It's hard to imagine any junkyard crushing un damaged rust free cabs but it's a daily event .

I needed a cab for my 1969 C/10 and my favorite junkyard said "begins at $700 and goes up " ~ instead I bought a near perfect cab with title for $350 and the junkyard got $35 in scrap value.....

Some are kinda stupid ~ when I ran a junkyard I never had much inventory because I SOLD EVERYTHING CHEAPLY ~ DUH .
As long as you can sell at a profit you will not go broke. I found the money is made at the purchase. If I can buy at my price then I can sell low enough to leave room for the next guy to get a bargain or resell at a profit. However its hard to make money from folks who don't have any money and swapping nickles get's old really fast
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