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steering column ID?

Hi. Newbie here.

I have a 1961 Canadian GMC (like an American chev). The PO had put a Pontiac steering column in (don't know why), and it wouldn't shift gears, 3 on the tree. Then it sat for 30 years, now I have it

I am putting in a steering column from a 1969 to 72 truck. I bought it on ebay, the seller couldn't narrow the year down beyond that. It is collapsible, so has to be at least a 1969. Someone had removed the shift lever, but the internal workings are still there.

My problem is, I need to buy a shift lever, but there appears to be 3 different types listed for 67 to 72 trucks, depending on the year. Anyone know how to tell what year a steering column is? Or would all 3 types work, just may not be "technically correct"? Also, does the shift lever attach the same way as a 60 to 66? That is, with a pin and a spring underneath the end of the lever? Also, looks like there might be a little rubber bushing at the column end of the lever?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
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