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Re: Lurker OrrieG Progress Pics

Hey man,

I found out the rear hole of the horeshoe bracket will mount to the factory crossmember but the front is a little outside. There will have to be a plate added to mount the front too. I haven't tried anything back on the front end yet. I won't plate this until the motor and front end are back on the truck. I don't want to redue anything twice if possible. I got all the cab rust out of the way first. I have a little bit of rust around the front window frame to deal with but not much. I have been looking at those rear 4" mounts on different sites. I think when I get the rear end out of the other truck I will get a set of those for my truck. I'd like to see the pictures you talked about. That will help me figure out where to make my changes. And knowing the measurements and plate dimensions would help greatly. I was wandering if the power steering was going to be a huge issue or not. How did you have your steering ran to it? Did you use a stock steering set up or something different? I plan on using a tilting/telescoping column out of a 70's cadillac. It's really nice and should work out great if I can figure out how to make the telescoping part work with an aftermarket steering wheel setup. Keep me posted on your progress.

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