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'78 shop truck build

Alright alright, got my first short bed truck is a 78 custom deluxe its as bare bones as it gets 250ci three on the tree manual brakes steering idiot lights even down to a factory radio delete pretty cool very excited for this build does need a floor repair on drivers side as its Flintstone powered, brought it home on a few borrowed wheels and tires so glad to have it sit on wheels and tires that all match lol ok build plan 4-6 drop blazer rear bumper give it a sleeker look 73-74 grille with chrome bumper 350 flat top pistons with vortec heads behind that will be a T5 lets see how it goes also wanting to swap 95-98 60/40 seats into it been debating on swaping over factory ac be a nice add in for the long parts haul lol
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