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Re: '78 shop truck build

Ok got the engine mounts bolted in same with power steering lines which I will need the cpp adapter for the pump as im running the older lines an box with a newer pump so the pump requires a oring where my lines are flares. ok so I accomplished taking the master cyl and brake pedal assembly out along with the column. now the column is a tilt automatic column im very surprised that this column doesn't have the lights an other stuff on it as it came out of a mid 80s truck looks like everything will plug in perfectly I got everything out an paitned waiting for re install, also the levers on this column where pretty rusty but its nothing a SOS pad couldn't take care of I went ahead and sprayed down the column with super purple and got it painted aswell. Thinking im going to clean up the engine harness aswell thinking of running it uonder the column along that pinch line then get wire hold downs that will bolt to the bellhousing once the engine an trans is in the truck.
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