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"Elwood" the 77_remix

My Dad once told me "Son if it ain't broke, dont fix it till it is". That comment came after he saw me customizing a car and he didn't really understand why you would take something apart and modify it if it was working just fine.
I learned a lot of life lessons from my Dads simple thought process, but never succumbed to his leave it alone theory.

Many of you know I own a 1977 Cheyenne that has become one of the most recognized squarebody trucks around. I won't bore you with all of the accomplishments and awards it has received, but I can humbly state that it became an international recognized icon of the 73-87 world.

Heres a listing of previous articles I have posted on my 77 Cheyenne-

Retro-Tech- 77 Cheyenne gets retrogrades

DO NOT OPEN- Air Ride Technologies inside

77 Cheyenne meets Ramjet 350 by N2TRUX
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"Jake" the 84 to 74 crewcab

"Elwood" the77_Remix

85 GMC Sierra "Scarlett"

"Refining Sierra"

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