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Re: #the 77_remix

On my last (currently unfinished?) build I worked closely with Mike Losh of @sloshtubz fame. A few years back Mike saw the need for a bolt in wheel tub for extremely low trucks. He created the Slosh Tubz and has had a great run of success with this series of tubs. You will find them on most of the top GM truck builds for the past few years.

A couple of years ago I had approached Mike about building a set of tubs for 73-87 trucks with a mild drop. At the time he was busy on other projects. He wasnt sure if the market was ready so he focused on other products. Last year I approached him again and this time I got his full attention. I offered my experience and knowledge on my latest builds and got expert advice from Eric Miller of Squarebody Specialists fame.

With our input Mike created his latest version of tubs called Mild Tubz. This series of tubs are much closer to OEM but offer stretched proportions to provide maximize clearance and still maintain the factory A/C system. Mike decided his new product needed to be on display at the Lonestar Throwdown 2017 show.

Great idea Mike, that will really show them off to a lot of potential customers. Then he elaborated that they wouldnt be in his display, they would be on my 85 Sierra "Scarlett" That was just a short time away and I still had a LOT to get the truck ready. Thanks for the opportunity Mike As many of you know, it was a great idea and the squarebody owners loved the 73-87 Mild Tubz

For LST 2018 The77_Remix will be utilizing the newest version of the Mild Tubz. These are for trucks with mild drops that no longer have the factory A/C.

Once again I am looking forward to working with Mike and the Losh family on my build.
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