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Front axle ujoint questions

I just finished putting a 4 inch lift and a bunch of other stuff so I was just going to replace the brakes and calipers also. However, as I started to disassemble I noticed that everything could use a good sandblasting and bearing replacement. I need help identifying the rubber seal that sits on the axle shaft and then the dust guard is installed in front of that. (PICTURES BELOW). all the bearing look great and nothing bad so I wont be replacing them. The axle ujoints are a different story though. They dont have the little C clips ontop of the ujoints and I am hoping someone can tell me how to get them out so I can replace them. Also is there a heavier duty ujoint to replace it with or a recommended one that you all have had good results with. I am going to sand blast the axle shafts and dust guard and all the other rusted stuff. On a side not the truck ran smooth, no wobbles, u joints were solid no problems at all. But they are in desperate need of some maintenance. Any help so I can get the right parts would be great. Stay safe everyone.
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