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Re: Front axle ujoint questions

Originally Posted by MJN View Post
As it was stated the u-joints have clips on the inside of the yoke ears. If you have access to a ball joint press- they make changing these quick and easy. I only use Spicer U-joints, non greasable. There are two different size u-joints for Dana 44 axle shafts, the early open knuckle (pre-73) used Spicer 5-260X which have smaller u-joint caps. The later axles used Spicer 5-760X which are larger. They are both 1310 series joints. As far as the slinger- you can get them here

I've also had great service from they will drop ship from Spicer as well.

Might as well replace the spindle bearings while you're in there too, along with all the seals. Pickup spindle bearing kits, part number SBK-1. This kit will have the spindle bearing and both rubber seals.
Originally Posted by MJN View Post
Spicer makes a more extreme duty axle joint as well but not sure if they're available in the 260x.
Lots of good info and part numbers here. Should be moved to the 4x4 FAQ Index
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