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Linear EGR

Morning guy sorry for the long question.

Yeah I'm still working on my truck and yall have been my hero's. Todays issue is Im in the process of smoging my truck (97 3500 7.4 all kinds of stock).
I just replaced the head gaskets and all the fun stuff. When I put it together the only code in the sys was bank 2 sen 1 o2 which I replaced and cleared the code. My OBD reader checked for I/M readiness and out of the six sensors required two lit up. I did the clearing drive (don't remember what they called it) but it reset one (o2 htr) so now yes I can pass smog (Ca) I still have a problem with EGR. I removed and cleaned it hoping that it would fix the problem.
Well that didn't work so I installed it and unplugged to test and it has power coming into it. Now I'm stuck. I have VERY limited experience with my multi-meter and am still learning. Any suggestions?
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