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Re: Project “Learning as I Go”

Thanks for all the positive comments guys! That's what I love about this site, for the most part everyone is positive and helpfull, makes starting a project like this a little less scary. Did a little more teardown the last couple of nights and took a few pics, nothing major, need a breakover handle to get the bumper loose. My brother has all the tools I need but he's out of town. 19723DR your avatar made me think to post this pic, a girl I work with's daughter likes to draw and made me a pic of my truck. Here are the pics for your enjoyment!

Since I couldn't get the bumper off I couldn't take the fenders off, so I got the grill and pass side inner fender out. I have always read different threads saying how these projects start to snowball and I always thought "I can keep that from happening". I think I could have been wrong...
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