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Re: Project “Learning as I Go”

So March Madness has kept me from any work on the truck. We got a nice winter storm here in OKC on the first day of spring so that and basketball kept me inside. Unfortunately my Cowboys lost in the first round so my interest fell off pretty quick. I read through 19723DR's build thread and got some big time motivation to get out there today, thanks man!! I got the bumper off so I could get the fender out of the way. It doesn't look like much progress in the pics but it seems like quite a bit to me.

I got the inner rocker cut to fit up pretty well, since I found the holes in the floorboard I have been trying to decide if I should order another patch panel or just make a little patch myself. The rust isn't very big so I think I can make one pretty easily.

I put the new rocker up there to check for fit, it seems to be fitting pretty well, not much way to tell until I get everything else in and check the fit with the door hung.

That's it for today. Thanks to everyone again for all the kind words!!
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