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Originally Posted by Liz View Post
I only wish that most of these folks would had come forward when the incidents happened. It may had saved others from having problems. We have a handful of people defending this users actions. He did have good relationships with some. What they need to understand is we have many folks who did not. If this applies to you, be grateful you are not one of the ones that did not.
bold emphasis mine. if this was truly important to you, should have installed trader ratings a long time ago..

bantering with me over who is going to ask Josh who I have personally never seen post here is just a waste of time..

in the mean time more and more of your loyal paying members are getting bamboozled..

and some that may be on the fence of trading fairly or not may fall to the better side to maintain good reviews..

there really is absolutely no good reason not to activate it immediately and encourage your membership to use it.
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