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Re: New member registration / administration

I am pretty sure the Forum Admin (Josh) that handles the VB Forum software (perhaps the Web Server as a whole?) is in a rough spot with this old VB version (there is no easy fix). This site isn't his day job either. Keeping registration's disabled or requiring Admin approval is generally because of Spambot / Bad Actors from getting in. I was once a VB Forum admin and disabling registration wasn't Plan A.

Now to me, it seems some type of registration limitation has been in place since I came into the forums. Which I have an official join date of June 2020, I started trying to register in Feb/April 2020 when I got my 72 C10. For months all I wanted to do is ask questions! For ages I read thread after thread of forum admins / mods replies trying to gleam a email address. I finally found Josh's in May of 2020 and that took a month before he had the time (or will) to handle my request. But at least he replied and got me in - that was a super happy day for me :-)

I feel for the admins and I can only image how many people move on because they hit a wall and don't know what to do.

Now for some constructive criticism: There should be a "Registration Status" Sticky that gives the current state of registering at the forums (that is kept current). If there isn't a normal path to register, then how to get processed, if possible.

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