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Re: Engine gets hot at idle

Originally Posted by tucsonjwt View Post
If you have a stock 350 engine a 2 core radiator should be enough. The last time I checked you can get one online (or locally) for about $120-$140. I gave up on having radiators rebuilt because new ones are relatively inexpensive. Also, you might get $35-$45 for your old radiator core (you should separate the brass/copper parts from any steel framework prior to taking it to the scrap yard.)
Originally Posted by Bigstevex4 View Post
If its fine when moving its obviously an air flow issue. the proper way to check fan clutch is have some one shut eng off while your watching it it should stop spinning in a turn or so. you cant tell by spinning it by hand if its bad it will spin for a few seconds.
Tucson The PO swapped out to a single core for some reason when he changed from diesel to the 350, he probably damaged it when the motor blew, or getting it out. Either way I just went and got the 2 core Radiator form Autozone and gave 143 for it, no core charge. And disposal works out great, I can just ad it to the ancient central air unit we just had to switch out of our house this spring. it was a 39 year old Rheem 3 ton unit, lots of copper in that one..

Bigsteve, I already checked the fan clutch, it's working fine. As you can see I figured out it was the thin Radiator. Thanks though Brother, much appreciated.
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