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Re: 1966 SWB Step Rear Brake ID

Those are just standard 2" rear drum brakes. I've done this a number of times. Most of if not all of the parts are the same for many years.

I used 1977 c-10 11" x 2" rear drum brakes for the parts. Part numbers from Rock Auto.

Drums: RAYBESTOS 2065R {#102065, 2065, F2065} Professional Grade; Outside Diameter 13.64" / 5 Bolts / Finned, Rear; w/ 11" X 2" Brakes

Shoes: RAYBESTOS 449PG {#449NR, 449RR} Professional Grade; Organic; 11.00 X 2.00, Rear; w/ 11" X 2" Brakes

Wheel Cylinders: RAYBESTOS WC37080 {#2037080} Professional Grade, Rear; w/ 11" X 2" Brakes

Hardware Kit: CARLSON H7046 Drum All-In-One Kit, Rear; 473
OR: CARLSON H2324 Pro Kit, Rear; 473

Pretty straight forward.

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