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Re: Heard some bad things about CPP.

While I have a different year truck than yours, I have a '57, I did have an issue with the CPP kit I bought. It's a 13" rotor kit for a TCI Custom IFS MII suspension. The brackets, calipers, and rotors were fine. The problem was that it uses spacers between the bracket and the caliper. They sent the wrong size spacer, meaning it was too long, about an inch. When I contacted them about it, they were of no help. I was told it was not a very popular kit and they didn't sell many of them. They didn't even bother to ask what part I needed. After measuring, I had to order a spacer from Jeg's, IIRC. I got those spacers installed and the brake kit works really well.

If the kit your looking at uses the same calipers as the one I bought (which I'm sure it probably does), they are from an '09 Silverado. The rotors are CPP parts only.
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