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Re: 1970 2wd Blazer Restoration

So being that I am impatient, I started buying parts as of Black Friday and haven't stopped since then...I'll attach prices if you need me to, I just didn't want to seem like an a**hole.
Here is a Munssey Speed Smooth Fiberglass Cowl
Name:  IMG_7064.jpg
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Slosh Tubz High Transmission Hump for the 4L60e
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Check out Jason Vannatta on Facebook for these bad ass firewall filler kits and more.
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I picked up this complete TBSS 90mm intake off of an LS forum.
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I also picked up these 2005 Silverado 1500 seats! Great freaking price from my local auto salvage yard and in even better shape! of course I'll reupholster them though.
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