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Re: Restoring OEM Seatbelts

Something slightly different, but these are very similar to the 2point belts in our trucks. The retractors are slightly different, but the belts & buckles are the same.
So anyways, someone asked if I would do a set of 1970 Chevelle belts for him. Since I really like these style of buckles, I said yes. Well after I got the box of belts, I almost wished I had said no, lol. These things were FILTHY! They had so much dirt & filth caked on them, they could literally stand on their own! But I enjoy a good challenge.
The belts were soaked numerous times, before I even attempted the scrubbing process. I dumped and changed the water countless times. The water was literally black the first several soakings. When I finally got it down to looking like tea, then I started scrubbing.
The buckles were disassembled for through cleaning, and soaked for rust removal. 3 of the 7 were too rusty, so I replaced them with some spare parts I had. So here are all the Before pics.
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