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Re: Restoring OEM Seatbelts

Originally Posted by hatzie View Post
If that guy isn't happy he needs an attitude adjustment with a 2x4 right upside the head.
Iím sure he will be. Iím just always apprehensive on how someone will react. I had a set of Mahogany belts that I did for someone. He insisted that I start out with a really nice set, which I had to find. What I did have wasnít good enough for him. Then he wanted all the bells and whistles. New buckles and new emblems. He ran the cost up, and he was aware of that every time he wanted something extra. After I get them completely for him, he doesnít want them. WT...?! He obviously wasnít happy with them. And that makes me nervous when itís a color that not everyone is going to want, because now I have to hope someone else will purchase them, which someone did thankfully!
Iím not sure if I ever posted that Mahogany set, but this is them.
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