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Re: Restoring OEM Seatbelts

Originally Posted by sk8rgui View Post
Man… All of these all look great. I bought a replacement set from LMC Truck and was a bit suprised at how different they were than my OEM 82 Red Seatbelts. Mine are pretty faded, but clean. The bigger issue is that they don’t really retract well.

I swapped out the driver side on my truck as it’s the one that gets used. I’d like to restore mine and was wondering what you do for slow to no retraction on yours? I much prefer the look of the originals compared to LMC’s aftermarkets.

Sorry if this was already mentioned. I didn’t see it in the several pages of this thread I looked at.
Sorry you fell victim to the aftermarket belts from LMC. I had aftermarket belts myself for a few years. They at least “looked better” than LMC’s belts. But when I finally found a Black Charcoal set, I decided one day to see what I could do with them. That is what has started this little venture.
So what I do is throughly clean the retractor mechanisms and lube them. A lot of what causes the retractors to slow down is a lot of built up of debris. Everything from dust, dirt, hair, coins, gum wrapper, petrified French Frys. You name it, I’ve probably have found it. It literally had one that had a huge mud wasp nest built inside a retractor. I have had a few where the counter balance was broken, but I was able to replace them with the spare parts.
I also do the same with the metal buckles. They get disassembled for cleaning of debris.
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