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Re: '72 Cheyenne K10

I put a battery to the new wiring and there were a couple issues of course.

The dome/cargo/courtesy fuse blew immediately. My friend wired the cab (under the bus he goes! ), so I took things apart and found the cargo light was the problem. I rewired that circuit and now it all works. The courtesy lights under the dash are a cool extra from American Autowire.

The engine would not start. Determined to be the column shifter was not adjusted correctly for the neutral safety switch position. Adjusted and now the key turns the starter. I am hoping this also means the backup lights will work properly.

I don't think the cluster lights are working. Difficult to tell in the daytime, so I will check it out at night. I put in LEDs, so that might be the problem but the same LEDs worked fine in my other '72.

Front turn signals/markers are not working right, but at least I know why - There is no front bumper to find ground for the circuit. It should work once that is done.

I could use an extra person to help me check things like the brake/backup lights, as well as timing the new distributor, topping off the new power steering just as it starts, and working on the brakes. I only bumped the starter, and I'd like to see it run and drive again soon.

I ordered some bucket seats that will be here next week. They are Bestop TrailMax II Classic Low Back (for Jeeps). I found them on Amazon for $130 each. The price sure is great, but I hope they aren't junk.

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